Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lots and lots of snow

IMG_4206 IMG_4205

I guess you all know how lovely the weather has been here lately. NOT. Well, kinda actually. It snowed about 10cm and everywhere is blanketed (and I’m in zone 2 – almost central London!) The snow makes London lovely, quiet, and friendly. I went for a walk and people smiled and said hello, cars got stuck in the road and pedestrians helped get them going again (Lots and lots and lots of stuck cars – the car in the photo above is stuck too.) There were snowmen everywhere, and kids in the council flats across the road pelting each other in snowballs (and unlucky passers-by like me.) The tube stations in our area were shut so I didn’t make it into town to meet Kit’s sister, but Jenny and I still got to the movies by walking to Finchley road. We saw The American, with George Clooney, which was quite good (like a little Italian film, but with George). We had Pizza Express for dinner (which was not as good as I remember) and Ben and Jerry’s for dessert (which was SUBLIME, but sickly).



Jenny spotted is while I was taking photos so I turned around and got about six shots of him. Not a scaredy-fox at all! We saw another one in the cemetery from the window at home as well. They have creepy glowing eyes.

IMG_4220 IMG_4223IMG_4208 IMG_4224

There is an outdoor gym in Kilburn Park which was quite fun but slippery to play on in the snow! And here is a lovely picture of Jenny all wrapped up against the icy weather.


Stay warm everybody! (And slip, slop, slap and wrap antipodeans!) x


  1. Love the photos. After a very warm and dry November, complete with water restrictions, we are now having very wet December. At least it is warm!

  2. I love them too:-) That fox...what a surprise. Is that a usual sight? I can't remember ever seeing one. Saw Dad kiting out at Ngamotu Beach during my walk. He was flying...pretty windy here today xx
    PS Am going to make THE fudge this afternoon. Do you want the recipe?