Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year, Hello 2011!

It seems strange to think this is going to be my first year in a new country, new friends, new job, new home. I had a wonderful last year, finishing university, gaining work experience at the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Transport, finishing looking after Callum (who is so grown up, I can’t imagine how big he’ll be next time I see him!) ((Hi Callum, John and Mandy!)) Living in Wellington was amazing, as are my friends and family, and setting off travelling was the scariest thing I’ve done yet!

I had a great night New Year’s Eve in Shoreditch and ended up spending the whole weekend with her friends. (Beth was a bit poorly and didn’t make it out haha.) In the lunchtime we walked down Brick Lane which was still heaving, and completely surreal with clubbers still lining up, looking a little worse for wear, and the street and buildings shaking from the bass. Now I need to find someone to go clubbing with!

I start work on Tuesday, and realised that I’ve kinda mucked around a bit over the past month. Ah well! I’m looking forward to work, and have started flat hunting.

My New Year’s Resolution is to visit one country a month this year! Wooo! So many opportunities from London! Maybe my blog posts will get more interesting again.

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  1. Happy New Year to you too...will be an exciting one for sure. I hope your 1st day at work goes really well...will be a wee bit of a change for sure:-)
    Good luck with the flat-hunting. That must be quite difficult given the distances in London...getting from 'a' to 'b' would have it's challenges
    Much love 'n lotsa hugs from me xxxooo