Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello Again New Plymouth

IMG_9603 StitchBack in New Zealand again! I’m sitting on the couch trying to sort through photos from the past four weeks (I’m nearing the end of my holiday already) and after being asked why I hardly update these days guess I should write about my homeward travels! I’ve been travelling all over the land trying to catch up with everyone spread near and far. After a brief stop in Auckland (I’m coming back next week, promise) dear Papa bought me a ticket to fly home to Taranaki where I spent a few days catching up with family, climbing the mountain and generally relaxing.

First day Dad and I climbed up Paratutu, the big rock down at the port – blown out of Mount Taranaki in one of the past eruptions then wandered down the waterfront to the bridge at Waiwhakahaio river connection New Plymouth to Bell Block and Waitara. It’s stunning!

IMG_9665 Stitch

Then up Mount Taranaki with Rachel, Mum and Dad – all 2518 metres of it. 4 hours up, 3 hours down, big bloody mountain. Mum took me for pedicures and lunch and shopping, a real girly day the following day, and there was a big family dinner too.

DSC06069 Stitch  DSC06084 DSC06068


Oh and hung out at Nana’s house and played on the collection of motorbikes in the garages and generally mucked around with Sam and Dad.

 IMG_9685 IMG_9688IMG_9695 IMG_9702IMG_9728 IMG_9803

And then I headed to Wellington! I can’t say I have a huge heart for New Plymouth these days – it feels very very small, but it’s been nice to hang out in for a little bit. I can’t imagine living here again anytime soon though! Unless I take up kitesurfing, running, get a proper job or something similar!


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