Sunday, May 20, 2012

Lazy Days

I’m sitting in the lounge, basking in the sunshine while Mama’s big dinner preparations are under way and Dad is wandering around making weird mumbling noises about chopping wood for the fire tonight. Bon Iver is playing on the stereo, and the mountain has come out from the clouds to show off it’s full snow-capped glory.


The week has gone by faster than I expected – pub quiz, lots of eating out, a trip out to Eltham with Papa to learn about seismic, movies, vintage shopping, running and saunas with Mum and even mani/pedicures! It’s nice to be spoilt rotten at home.

**EDIT – I didn’t actually press publish so here’s some extra photos of Dad kiting today down at back beach.

IMG_0083 Stitch IMG_0073 IMG_0078IMG_0098 IMG_0116IMG_0128 IMG_0146

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