Monday, May 21, 2012

I still love Wellington


I spent a few days before and after a trip down the South Island. Wellington instantly feels like home – though lots of friends have moved on with their travels and new careers after university. So I didn’t end up wandering around with my camera at all but spent a lot of time hanging out with friends in my favourite Wellington bars and cafes, drinking guaranteed good coffee and wine (take that London) and some pretty bad cider. Thanks Becca for letting me stay in your cute little house in Newtown! And Kylie up in Wadestown! And Blair St for letting me wander in and out as I please :D

Wellington felt very small but cool. I can talk about it for ages if someone asks me about it but I don’t seem to be able to think of much to write down here. It’s well worth a visit if you end up in New Zealand. The city is set write on the waters edge, with green fingers pushing into the centre where the hills are too steep to build on. Even with ridiculously changeable weather, it captures my heart every time.

A few favourites: Mighty Mighty, Matterhorn, Fidels, Southern Cross, Midnight Espresso, Pheonician Kebab, Sweet Mother’s Kitchen and Ancestral.

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