Monday, October 4, 2010

Singapore Botanical Gardens

I got to Singapore on Friday night and felt like I’d walked into a furnace! I hadn’t even contemplated what the weather in Singapore would be like. (Incidentally, it hasn’t been too bad, I’ve coped with the heat and its been overcast most of the time). As I said earlier, Susanna and Carissa picked me up from the airport with Susanna’s family. Carissa and her cousin Scott sat and played racing games against each other on their I-phones. Carissa has an amazing grasp on technology! Though I’m starting to suspect that it is more her hand-eye coordination, and she doesn’t really know what the buttons say. Saying that, she can use an I-pad far more adeptly than I!

On Saturday Susanna showed me around the gigantic shopping malls of Singapore. Carissa was not very interested so we went and did window art painting and watched her ride little electronic cars around outside before catching the train from Vivo City to Orchard (Street? Road?). The number of shops was staggering, to the point of not wanting to go into anywhere because there were so many! We went into the National Geopgraphic store, which was very cool, and made me more excited about travelling :) There are also lots of UK brand stores, which made me worried about how much money I will want to spend when i get over there! And also think about all the clothes I didn’t bring with me haha.

Dean had gotten back from Bangkok by then so he picked us up and we went out for an AMAZING dinner at the East Coast Seafood Centre on the waterfront. The park had a cable driven waterski/wakeboard lagoon which looked pretty interesting. I hadn’t brought my camera out, but it was beautiful, and there were so many boats lined up on the horizon for the port. Dean said that it is the second biggest port in the world. For dinner we had crab, prawns, clams, some green stuff in sambal, fried rice and oyster omelettes. The food here is amazing!!

Yesterday they took me to the Botanical Gardens in the afternoon and my cousin Carissa got to ride her bike around.

In the evening we went to Marina Bay Sands Skypark, a crazy, decadent, luxurious gigantic hotel/look out. I took some photos from the top, the views were breathtaking.

IMG_1775 Stitch 

Hmmm, can’t seem to add the other panoramic pictures, they must be too big, I’ll try again once I’ve worked out how to downsize them!


  1. I sure can relate to that heat. It's so humid you feel like you're putting 150% into everything you do. Best thing is to go swimming or turn the air-con on. I go down to the pool in the afternoons and when I go to bed I can read cos it's cool. Last time I was there...June/July we went to a shopping centre (Vivo?)and Carissa did the same window art and then after a while she lost interest and went off to play in the playground so Susanna finshed the picture for her. I think Singapore is amazing and it just keeps on evolving so there's always something new to see. I love the shopping ie air-con and so much to see as long as one has the $$$$
    I hope the next leg of your journey goes well and the stop-over in Mumbai isn't too tedious though I guess you will explore if you can. Take care of you...special you. Love you heaps xxxxx

  2. You have been to the East Coast Seafood centre before, albeit nearly 20 years ago!